10 Ways to Say “Happy Mother’s Day” This May 9th!

When we were little, we didn’t realise all the day-to-day things, large and small, that our mums did for us. 

They fed us, comforted us, gave us advice, taught us endless lessons, and made sure that we were always taken care of. Growing up, we probably never said “thank you mum” enough.

As Mother’s Day approaches, thanking our mums is top of mind. There are many ways to show gratitude — from getting her a thoughtful gift to sending a simple message. To give you some ideas about how you can show appreciation for your mum, we’ve created a list of 10 special ways to say “thank you mum.” 

  1. Be her chauffeur for a day. Mum’s love being with their children so an offer to spend time with mum doing things that she needs to do and driving her to and from these activities or appointments will ensure she knows you love her. 
  1. Cook her favorite meal. Yes, you cook! And if you don’t know what her favourite meal is ……….ask. She will love that you have bothered to make the effort. 
  1. Throw a get together for her and her friends. A mini surprise party or it doesn’t even have to be a surprise. Offer to do it all so she can spend time with her friends instead of in the kitchen & cleaning up. And of course  d o   i t   a l l…. 
  1. Clean her house. Yep, this will certainly impress & she will be unbelievably appreciative that you have done this for her, including the bathrooms!
  1. Organise to spend the day doing mum’s hobby with her. Gardening, painting, knitting – something she likes doing. 
  1. Take mum out for the day to do something she wants to do – a movie, a show, some shopping, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner. Something special just for her. 
  1. Have a spa day with mum. Go for a facial, massage, get your nails done, a pedicure or do it all. This is sure to make her feel very special & completely relaxed & refreshed. 
  1. Offer to be her help for the day. A day helping her with something she has been putting off forever like painting her bedroom or cleaning out the gutters or cleaning out her storage area. If your mum is practical she will love this offer of help & support. 
  1. Send her a long message about how much she means to you & how much you love her, not just “I Love You” but “I love you because……”, put in some detail. She will love this & will mean more to her than anything you can purchase her. 
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