Hogget Kitchen – The Hatted Restaurant in Warragul.

I recently had dinner at the Hogget Kitchen Restaurant in Warragul to celebrate one year of living in Noojee & what an absolute treat it was!  Located a 40 minute drive from Noojee this is well worth a visit if you are staying anywhere in the local area. We are so lucky to have this amazing restaurant located in Baw Baw Shire. 

The food was amazing & I particularly loved the simplicity of it all. The menu is not overly complicated with masses of choices but what is on offer is of the highest quality and beautifully presented for every course. 

There are basically two main menu choices – $80 per person & have Trev (the owner & head chef) cook for you which includes 5 courses of yumminess, so no food envy as Trev decides on what you are going to eat (this is what we had & it was amazing)! Or $70 per person & you choose three courses from a small list of local offerings. It is very easy to tell there is a lot of love put into the food at Hogget Kitchen – it is ultra fresh, seasonal, full of locally grown ingredients with amazing attention to detail with every dish delivered to your table. 

There is a simple philosophy about food at Hogget Kitchen which means the ingredients should be allowed to ‘speak’ for themselves. They use a nose to tail approach when it comes to all the meat they prepare and they do all the carving and butchering themselves in-house – ensuring the best possible cuts of meat with the least wastage. All the pickling, bottling, charcuterie, smoking, brining and more is also done by hand in-house – skills they are passing on to the staff to ensure these techniques for future generations of chefs. 

As you can imagine bookings are a must & don’t delay as they are more often than not booked out!