The Ada Tree… Near Noojee, West Gippsland

The Ada Tree is beautiful, majestic and its size and age make it the biggest flowering tree in the Southern Hemisphere. 

At over 300 years old, the Ada Tree is the ultimate example of the beauty and history Baw Baw is known for, and it’s right on Noojee’s doorstep.  

Be prepared to marvel at her incredible size once you reach her. This spectacular tree stands at 76m high and an estimated 820 cubic metres of timber in the trunk alone enough to build 66 average sized homes! 

To get there from Noojee head out on the road towards Neerim South, turn right onto the Yarra Junction road and take the right hand turn onto Ada River River Rd 24km with the last couple of km’s of gravel road. 

And just a little something to bear in mind, these roads are suitable for vehicles for most of the year, but care should be taken after rain or snow. 
The Ada Tree is an easy 3.2km, 1.5-hour walk return trip from the car park and picnic area to the Ada Tree and back again, via the same walking track. The walk begins at the Ada Tree car park and meanders through an enchanting temperate rainforest. Reconnect with nature surrounded by tall mountain ash trees, and lush, green shrubs and tree ferns. The walk is 3.2km circuit but longer walks can be explored! It is an easy walk, suitable for all fitness levels.