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The Benefits of Visiting Noojee During the Week

The benefits of visiting Noojee during the week

The weekends tend to be VERY busy in the small village of Noojee, West Gippsland so the benefits of visiting during the week are not to be discounted. 

With a local population of 160 it can be very hard to believe that it is a busy place but let me tell you on the weekends (and this is any weekend not just the perceived busy weekends like long weekends, Easter or Christmas!) there can be traffic jams, with many visitors making the most of our beautiful area during each & every season. 

Now I understand that this is the only time some people can travel, particularly with busy work lives or if you have children as part of your family. However, if you can, the benefits of visiting Noojee during the week can be extremely beneficial and if you ask me it is the BEST time to spend some time in our natural surroundings! 

If you come during the week it means you aren’t having to navigate the track to the Toorongo Falls with others. It means you have the Trestle Bridge all to yourself – great for photography & not having to wait until you can get on because of the 10-people limit for the bridge. You won’t have to wait in the long queue at the Pub to order your meal or to be served your drinks. If you are headed to the Little Red Duck Cafe it means being served straight away & meeting the locals who come for a coffee or to pick up their post during the week. You are not having to worry about crazy drivers (and we get a few of those on the weekends!) who want to stop in the middle of the road to see something they are interested in or to ask a local a question!

I would like you to visit Noojee whenever you can get away – however if you have the choice come during the week!