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Handy Facts To Know Before Coming to Noojee……

5 Handy Things to Know Before Visiting Noojee

Noojee is a fabulous destination if you want to really get back to nature & enjoy all it has to offer. There is so much to do & see in this amazingly un-spoilt destination however there are a few handy facts to know before coming to Noojee.

Following are some handy facts to know before coming to Noojee, West Gippsland!

  • Only mobile devices on the Telstra network will work here. If you are on the Optus network or with Vodaphone your device won’t work once you get to the bottom of the hill into Noojee. This is great news if you want to really getaway, unplug & escape for a little while!

  • There is no fuel for sale in Noojee so fill up at Neerim Junction (5 minutes up the road). If you are running low fill up before you get to Noojee – from Noojee to Moe (via Mt Baw Baw) this are no petrol stations or places to purchase fuel at all.

  • The power goes off on a regular basis in Noojee, this means that many businesses & homes have power generators. The reasons the power goes out regularly include load shedding to Melbourne, when it’s windy the trees have a habit of falling on the power lines etc….

  • Everyone is on a septic toilet system in Noojee. It is super important to not put anything other than human waste and recycled toilet paper down any toilet here. Baby wipes, tissues and any female products are definitely a no, no for all toilets in Noojee.

  • There is a regular alert siren test during fire season – usually on Sundays around 11am. This is something that can be quite scary if you aren’t used to it. The siren alerts the local CFA members & the community at large of a fire somewhere in the area.